All costs, treatments and information provided here are right at the season of posting this site and are liable to amendment without take note. Stores are required for a few treatments. Courses are non transferable and are substantial for a half year as it were

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can either be brought for any sum or for particular treatment. Treatment blessing vouchers are substantial for a year from the date of procurement and can be utilized on any magnificence treatments or items at our Beauty Studio except if indicated. There is no money recovery. Money related blessing vouchers don't lapse.

Timeliness and Courtesy

As a graciousness to different customers following your arrangement, late entries will bring about a diminishment of treatment time. Kindly don't ask the unimaginable, we will try to complete what we can inside the availability designated, or propose a re-booking. All circumstances expressed incorporate planning of room and customer: i.e. 5 minutes toward the start and end of treatment.

Consultation and Hygiene

We know that huge numbers of you might be befuddled as to which treatment best suites your particular necessities. We are obviously, satisfied to offer you avant-garde data and guidance with a counsel in the strictest of certainty. Salon Hygiene is, obviously, the most extreme significance. We take after strict cleanliness methodology including just utilizing new sanitized expendable needles for every customer.

Wiping out Policy

If it's not too much trouble note 24 Hours see is required for all undoing, generally half of the aggregate treatment cost will be charged, on the off chance that we can't re-offer the saved treatment time.

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